IANG born in Italy
Milan: Italy’s capital of finance, fashion and innovation, is a place of unique distinction and inimitable success. in this setting of industry, expertise and fervent creativity, developing enterprises become leading brands. synonymous with status, class and ingenuity, these brands are present in every corner of the planet
IANG nasce in Italia a Milano, capitale della Finanza, della Moda e della Creatività.
Temporary management, da vent'anni la principale attività di IANG
In general, IANG supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) overseas. Depending on their explicit or implied needs, we help them face (and create new) local and global challenges. The enterprises we support include innovative companies, as well as more traditional ones. IANG boasts more than twenty years of established activity and experience in the field of temporary management services. This experience involves the generation of important leads and the creation of crucial commercial networks abroad. Our innovative model for how to approach corporate marketing is strictly linked to sales results, reputation and image. After obtaining approval for the validity of our model from a highly structured and well-established business unit, IANG was born. This acronym comprises and synthesizes the complete sense of what we do and how we do it: International Advising Network Group. Our brand is clear: an open door to access the world, not a window through which to passively witness it.
International Advising Network Group
marketing aziendale, un modello innovativo