I Bambini delle Fate
IANG is a partner of the ever-gowing “rags to riches” project, whose aim is to ensure continuity in the service provided by the victor capua therapeutic center, for its young patients. whilst maintaining a focus on therapy and training staff, the project has extended its areas of intervention to proper care and treatment of horses, pre-sport activities for patients close to discharge and an educational sports initiative, with the purpose of training and integration, addressed to mixed groups of ex-patients and able-bodied children of a similar age. within a larger ``farm educational`` project, horticulture laboratories for children have even been opened recently. the overall aim of the project is to encourage patients and their families to discover a good relationship with the environment by providing serenity and leisure to hospitalized people. the project is particularly concerned with people with motor and mental disabilities who have not yet reached physical, social or mental autonomy and who seek contact with the world of horses and nature. the project aims to give them a therapeutic space within the world of nature to grow and progress on the road to improvement